Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Right Wing Radio's Lie By Omission

Right Wing Radio's Lie By Omission 
By Paddy M.

In his podcast on 3-30-17 WISN 1130 AM's right-wing talk host Jay Weber defends Scott Walker, asking, "What's so terrible under Governor Walker's watch that he needs to be replaced?" "What are his controversial issues....?"  Perhaps in the bubble of right-wing radio, everything is coming up roses, but for many in Wisconsin Walker's policies continue to have a profoundly negative impact. Spending millions to drug test Wisconsin citizens on food stamps, millions being given away by WEDC to corporations  with nothing to show for creating jobs, and rejecting nearly a billion dollars of federal Medicaid dollars to name just a few. 

Weber mentions the Lincoln Hills tragedy as the only controversial issue to hit the Walker administration. This is where right-wing-radio's lies by omission come into play. By ignoring Walker's disastrous policies and their impact the listener is lead to believe by WISN's talk show hosts that all is good in Wisconsin. The lie by omission is also pervasive in their talking points  about President Trump. Could it be that the talk show hosts are soothing their listeners with what they want to hear?  Would their listeners want to hear anything else? Given their high ratings it is doubtful that contrarian points of view about Walker and Trump would be discussed. Is WISN talk radio good for its listeners and Wisconsin?  The answer is clear. A lie by omission is indeed an insult to their listeners and to a greater degree our community in southeastern Wisconsin as policy is often dictated by the power of right-wing radio. 

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