Tuesday, July 18, 2017

ADD YOUR NAME: Tell iHeart to Stop Destroying Democracy in Wisconsin

Leaked documents reveal that the Russians targeted African Americans and women in Wisconsin in a major cyber attack designed to elect Donald Trump (McClatchy, 7/12/17). This is a serious threat to democracy itself. Yet, Wisconsin conservative radio shock jocks continue to unconditionally defend Trump and vilify any media that report on the scandal. They are cynically spreading disinformation and stoking up hatred for people and media sources that seek the truth.
We call on iHeartRadio, the corporate owners of conservative talk WISN radio Milwaukee and WIBA radio Madison, to restore balance and truth seeking to the publicly owned airwaves by: 1) fact checking the often dishonest and inflammatory statements of the radio hosts it employs and 2) including alternative views in its programming that are not unconditionally pro-Trump and not hostile to people and media that seek the truth.
ADD YOUR NAME. We cannot allow for-profit companies like iHeartRadio to profit at the expense of our democracy through airing one-sided ideologues, when our state itself is under attack by foreign entities!

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